Sunday, June 22, 2014

Gun Control

Here's my position on guns: Ban them in the cities; let the hicks have them.

There's 34,000 men in NYC walking around in blue uniforms toting guns. They belong to what was once called Mayor Bloomberg's Private Army, which happens to be the seventh largest army in the world. In a place like New York City, I don't think any conservative can make a sensible argument that we need civilians to also have guns. Anyone who wants to shoot, can just sign up for this thing where they put you on a bus, take you to a place where it's legal to shoot, and then hand you a gun so you can have your testosterone-driven orgy of destruction. Then they take the gun away before they bring you back home.

On the other hand, I can understand how if you're living in a remote area, a rifle would be useful. It's good for hunting. It's also good for helping you and your family feel safe. Nature is a very lonely and scary place. Even though we live in a time of remarkably little violence, we humans evolved to feel unsafe in certain situations. I myself couldn't help but feel afraid when I've visited remote areas. I wondered, what if raiders were to materialize from the shadows? I'd be utterly helpless. After all, if you're deep in the woods or in some random open space, the cops can't exactly show up in two minutes.

There are also people who prefer to live autonomously… I guess you could say "off the grid". They're fully cognizant of the fact that America is likely to collapse at some point in the coming decades. They generally see the government as the enemy. They do not trust police forces to protect them, nor do they want to. Such people need guns. Because there might come a day when they'll need them. Who are we to tell them otherwise?

I would also say that we should ban handguns, since they are not a weapon one uses for hunting. They are also not a weapon one uses to defend their property. Pistols are a weapon of law enforcement and war. I would honestly prefer that hicks out in no man's land have 50-caliber machine guns than have pistols. Why? Because men don't get drunk in bars and pull out a mounted 50-cal machine gun. It's merely a gun people use for entertainment and war. They do however get drunk and stupidly pull out a pistol and shoot people. That's why they shouldn't have pistols. But there's no harm in allowing boys to continue to have their toys.

If you think about it, the so-called “gun control debate” isn't really about guns. It's just a lack of understanding between city-dwellers and townies. People in the cities aren't really empathetic to the plight of those who don't live in cities. They don't want to understand them, they just want to antagonize them. That makes me sad.