Thursday, April 17, 2014

Modern Politics is Built on Stealing Credit from Engineers

The history of modernity is basically the story of political hacks stealing credit from scientists and engineers. We've built a lot of cool shit over the past few hundred years. We create the technologies that drive human progress. But opportunistic scoundrels with political ambitions always steal credit for our accomplishments.

  • Capitalists say shit like, "cutthroat competition brought you all these wonderful things!"
  • Progressives say, "government regulation brought you all these wonderful things!"
  • Marxists say, "struggle and antagonism brought you all these wonderful things!"

They're all liars. Meanwhile engineers are geeking out in a basement, caring very little for politics.

This conflict can only be resolved by scientists and engineers stepping up and taking power. We already rule the world, we just haven't figured out how to reign. But we will eventually. Welcome to the new age.