Saturday, March 29, 2014

Liberals Hate Gay People

Photo credit: istolethetv on Flickr

I spend a lot of time talking about “liberal belief politics”, which is the term I use to describe the official religion of the U.S. Regime. I think it's evil. So I spend a lot of time fighting against the influence it has over our culture and the minds of intelligent people.

But I received a question the other day from a concerned liberal loyalist:
The power of sexual (and other) minorities to live as they wish has been greatly enhanced by widespread adherence to "Liberal Belief Politics" over the last 2 generations. Are you not concerned the breaking down that adherence to it will attend the destruction of said power?
Noooo! Don't give the liberals credit for LGBT rights, you monster! Let me tell you a story: the only reason gay people have "rights" is because some tranarchists decided to start a riot. It happened outside the Stonewall Inn in the late 60's. The police were being scoundrels (as you'd expect) and some radical tranarchists were brave enough to fight back. That's what started the gay rights movement. Because the fact of the matter is, the only rights you have are those you're willing to defend.

BTW tranarchists also started Occupy Wall Street. We trannies tend to be the vanguard of any resistance movement, since society hates us the most and we have the least to lose. For us, revolution is a means of survival.

It wasn't until the 90's that the liberals decided to co-opt the gay rights movement and divert all its resources into a single agenda: gay marriage. This meant that all the money that was going to help people, now went to lawyers, lobbyists, and media efforts. Why give your money to a wonderful organization like Bailey House to help homeless people with AIDS, when you can give your money to the Human Rights Campaign to help them buy another bottle of champagne as they wine and dine U.S. senators?

Since liberals are the great homogenizers of culture, they needed to assimilate us into mainstream society. To do this, they had to:
  1. Destroy queer culture so we're forced to integrate with mainstream culture.
  2. Brainwash mainstream society into guiltily accepting us.
  3. Throw trans people under the bus because we'd alienate and frighten the people whose "hearts and minds" they were trying to win over.
After a few decades of social conditioning, the liberals were successful. Queer people are now allowed to live a straight lifestyle. Straight people still hate us of course. Like the christians probably hate us more now than they ever have before. But they can't do a damn thing about it. Because we'll sue and shame them into oblivion if they do. Muahaha :-)

The liberals' next trick was to fight for our "right" to become gay cannon fodder for the U.S. Regime. Oh wait, I meant openly gay cannon fodder, since gay people have always served in the military. There's always been sodomy. It just wasn't something you talked about. Like remember the Spartans? Those dudes were totally getting it on. So DADT wasn't really about rights, but rather a rebellion against the rules of propriety. It was also a brilliant recruiting strategy, because idiots enlisted thinking the military had turned progressive. Like you would not believe how much it costs to hire mercenaries when there's a shortage of volunteers. But thankfully, there weren't any transgender people among them. The liberals were kind enough to throw the trans community under the bus (yet again) when they fought to get DADT repealed. So I think my lucky stars I'm still not allowed in the military. Woot.

Liberals also came into power by vilifying gay people. One of the biggest blows to the french monarchy was when the bourgeoisie (who hated gay people) decided to smear Marie Antoinette as a lesbian. After all, lesbianism was totally a thing among the french aristocracy (or should I say timocracy?)

Oh and here's another interesting talking point. The next time you see a bible thumper quoting the King James Bible in order to condemn homosexuality, be sure to remind them that King James was—you guessed itcompletely and utterly gay. Medieval England must have been pretty progressive. The liberals would never let us have a gay president today. Why? Because liberals hate gay people.