Sunday, January 12, 2014

Occupy was ahead of its time

I think Occupy's politics were in many ways, ahead of its time. American politics is a spectator sport. We were the people who watched the American political theater from an early age, and decided that we didn't want anything to do with it. So when we saw that absolutely no one in the country was holding the banksters accountable, we decided we'd give them a good thrashing ourselves. We also wanted to build a community in Liberty Square. It was our shining oasis—a refuge from soul-crushing American politics—a simulacrum for a better society. Liberty Square was where we shared food, slept, and experimented with our visions for a better society.

But very few of the people who weren't participating understood that. So when the Liberal Elite™ came along, they didn't really try to understand us; they were just baffled we weren't playing their game. So they tried to make us elect a leader, a demand, and join CNN's debate club. When they realized we wouldn't cooperate, they tried co-opt us. And when they realized Occupy couldn't be co-opted, they decided to crush us. Except we as individuals didn't die. We crawled away and grew stronger.